Gehalt Alexander van der Bellen

  • Präsident - Österreich
  • Geboren: 1944 Osterreich
  • Jahr: € 343.225,40
  • Monat: € 28.602,12
  • Woche: € 6.600,49
  • Tag: € 1.320,10
Alexander van der Bellen 2020: In the year, President Alexander van der Bellen receives a gross salary of 343,225.40 euros. The President still has a net net of 194,134.23 euros. Since for most employees the monthly gross wage is best used as a basis for comparison, here is the gross monthly salary: 24,516.10 euros. The Federal President of Austria receives an annual salary. However, he is not paid this once a year. Not monthly, however, as you would think. In fact, the Federal President receives the same partial amount 16 times a year. If you add the holiday allowance and Christmas bonus to which he is also entitled, 16 ma which is paid to him quarterly, the gross annual amount mentioned at the beginning results.


Update: 2020-1


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